How do packagized applications update their package versions?

This interests me because I’m working on a packagized app myself and to me, it seems that updating all versions manually it very tedious. Does i.e. Telescope have a way of doing it automatically? Or anybody else with experience in that?

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what exactly is your project structure?

Looks like he’s using a package-only structure. I’m doing that as well and have to agree, that updating dependencies is really annoying. I think there isn’t even a way to check if there are new versions available; which would really help.

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I might have a solution. I believe that it’s possible to just keep the package versions at 0.0.1 at all times, and because the dependencies have to fetched from the local source anyways, the latest ‘version’ is always used.

That’s just one possible solution, and I don’t even know if it actually works.

(This only refers the the self-written application packages, not actual external dependencies)

Oh yes, you can just give local packages any version number, as there’s no “tracking” Meteor will just use what’s there. The problem are Atmosphere dependencies.


I update all dependencies of a package using - just paste in the package.js with old versions, and it’ll suggest new versions.

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