How do you catch up with Meteor acceleration?

9.80665 m/s2 :slight_smile:

I am only at the point of becoming Intermediate Meteor developer with a target of hiring Meteor devs for my SaaS at the same time understanding architectural decisions they take.

But I am already amazed by the speed with which Meteor develops. That’s great but how do you guys take all these changes into account when working on production apps? Is that like:

2013: all my apps in Meteor-Blaze and Iron-Router
2014: all my apps in Meteor-Angular and Flow-Router
2015: all my apps in Meteor-React and Flow-Router, no allow-deny!
2016: all my apps in Meteor-React, Flow-Router and ES2015?

Or how do you take the decisions? Meteor Guide is great but it would be interesting to see some single table from Meteor Gurus where they present lego-like building of Meteor app in a systematic way with historical columns, like this:

Year Router Security Front-End
2016 Flow-Router Methods React for …, Angular for …
2015 …