How do you force Meteor to redownload a package?


As what the title says :). I notice Softwarerero’s Accounts T9n package has a few added translation packages in his Github page like Japanese, but I can’t seem to get the package to redownload his package since I’m missing these new additions. Version numbering has stayed at 1.0.6. Anyway of forcing Meteor to redownload the package?


May be try invoking “meteor refresh”.


Hmm didn’t work. Is his package supposed to grab files from github? I’m not sure if him updating his github will automatically update the one used by the [ meteor add ] command?


My guess is he never published the source code to Meteor’s packaging system. As an alternative, you can:

  • remove the package
  • download the github source code
  • save it packages/xxx
  • run ‘meteor add’ and Meteor will install it from those files


@msavin that seems to be the case. Checking out the 1.0.6 tag and I see an older version compared to the master branch.


@msavin “save it packages/xxx”

I have found it is better to keep packages in a separate directory and symlink to them from the packages directory.

@msavin “- run ‘meteor add’ and Meteor will install it from those files”

I have noticed something wonderfully cool about that. If you add a package from AtmosphereJS and then later work with the same package code present in (or symlinked from) your packages directory, you don’t perceive any difference. But if you increment the version number in package.json and save it, Meteor will instantly switch to the newer local copy and upgrade automatically. How cool is that !!!



  1. $ cd myapp
  2. kill meteor
  3. $ meteor refresh
  4. edit .meteor/versions to give specific number
  5. run $ meteor again


Ok, seems he updated it to 1.0.7 now :). But I’m getting constant browser refreshes when deployed as a build and while using this updated version @.@. Trying to figure out what’s wrong…