How do you get documents that are outside of your initial publications?

Sorry if this has already been asked before.

How do you get documents that are outside of your initial publications?

For example, let’s say I have posts with the following fields:

  _id: String
  password: String (optional),
  body: String,
  createdAt: Date

The posts with a password only have some metadata published and the posts without a password is completely published:

Meteor.publish('locked_posts', function() {
  return Posts.find({ password: { $exists: true } }, { fields: { createdAt: 1 } });

Meteor.publish('public_posts', function() {
  return Posts.find({ password: { $exists: false } });

The view looks like this:

{{ #each posts }}
  {{ #if password }}
    <input type="password">
  {{ else }}
    <div>{{ body }}</div>
  {{ /if }}
{{ /each }}

Inside a template, a user should be able to enter a post’s password and get that post’s body:

So do I re-publish that single post, for which the password was entered, with all the fields, and refresh the template to display this new post?

Drop the subscription and subscribe to the locked_posts or check out the client only collections section at

If I use the client only collection technique, don’t I still expose the unwanted fields to the client, which would be easy to find?

You can return multiple cursors from publication and also pass arguments.
So you can return one Posts.find where you return all but the ones from exclude_list.
In exclude_list will be these with special handling for which you have passwords.

From every item in exclude_list you will do 2 Posts.find:

  1. in case password matched
  2. in case it does not match - in that case returning same properties as anonymous one

I would try it this way.