How do you guys handle config across app and many packages?


When making an app using several packages that all rely on different configuration parameters, Meteor’s settings.json is starting to show its limitations.

Let’s say that we don’t want to make settings programmatically, but want to be able to read them from config files. If all the packages and the app itself are trying to read the properties from settings.json, the file necessarily becomes a jumbled mess that makes it impossible to separate the different sets of config parameters from each other.

Has anyone dealt with this in their Meteor apps and come up with a better way to configure different modules of an app (other than in source code?)


Could’nt you put your settings in a file included in you package, JSON, CSV, whatever you wish ?


I’m struggling with this, too. If I create my own package JSON, then the user can’t freely edit the file as it’s all bundled up. The only workaround I see is to create a JSON in the root (like what the npm package does). Alternatively, I could use a function to store preferences on the package global variable that’s exported. Not sold on either option…