How do you handle push notifications in your app?

Hi, I’m running a Meteor/Apollo/React stack and I was curious on how people are handling push notifications.

I came across raix:push which is a fork of the original raix:push but they both don’t like they’re actively maintained.

I’ve also found react-push-notifications but I’m not sure if I should be getting a React package for this or relying on Meteor to get this done.

Would love to hear some ideas, thank you.

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activitree:push is based on Firebase for all IOS, Android and Web. For web, it requires a web worker all documented in the repo. Just a heads up if you go there, the github content is not a Meteor project, it only shows where different files and folders should exist. You can look at it as a folder structure rather than a meteor project that you can run in your development machine.

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We support notifications on mobile, in browsers and via email – including some specialized variations of these. We’re vanilla Cordova, thus:

Client-side, on mobile, we use the cordova-plugin-push. For browsers, we use the JavaScript Notification API. And email of course just calls Meteor mail.

Server-side, we are using NPM’s apn and node-gcm. These are older, but certainly tried and true :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, while Google simply authenticates with an ID, Apple uses certs. You’ll need to attach those, presumably decrypting the source versions, as part of your build.


I use OneSignal, see more details on this example examples/cordova at main · meteor/examples · GitHub

I’m going to finish this example soon.

Also, I’m going to talk about Mobile apps with Meteor in our next meetup, add to your calendar Community Meetups


I use activitree:push for mobile push notifications and a custom web worker for browser notifications. may be worth a look.