How do you `Meteor.users.find()` by e-mail address?

I am trying to do a regular expression search on e-mail addresses, but I am not sure if I am doing the query correctly. The email addresses are stored as an array so I am trying to build the selector as

I am doing the search using Meteor.publish() so it should have no restrictions.

{ 'emails[0].address' : new RegExp(email) }

I also tried

{ 'emails.address' : new RegExp(email) }

{ "emails.address' : { $regex: /pattern/i } }

The “i” is for case-insensitive searches.

Thanks, I used a slightly different variation which uses

{ 'emails.address' : { $regex: 'pattern', $options: 'i' } }

That’s actually the same thing.

The difference is that I can pass pattern as a string rather than as a RegExp object. But the example is the same.

You have to take care when you do this because you’ll run into problems as soon as you use e.g. a dot or a dash in your string (which will happen fast when you are searching for email addresses).

Don’t forget to escape those special characters.

agreed I used lodash.escapeRegExp for that purpose