How do you run your Meteor app in production?


I’m starting to get closer to launching a Meteor app I have been working on for a while. As I move closer to production I’m starting to look deeper into deployments and hosting. I wanted to see what you guys do for running your large scale Meteor apps in production.

I already have one app in production that is run on a single web server with NGINX in front of it and MongoDB on the same server. This works fine for my very low traffic site, but my new app will (hopefully) get a lot more traffic. I really want to explore things like load balancing, Docker containers, and Mongo replication to make it very scalable and fault tolerant. I’m a big AWS guy, but Google Cloud has a lot of the same stuff.

Obviously another huge plus is minimal maintenance and push button scaling, among other things.

So, how do you guys run your large scale Meteor apps in production?


Here’s a quick overview which is generic enough to give you some ideas:


Thanks for that, I’m very familiar with generic setups. I was looking for more Meteor specific setups.

Like running Meteor in Docker containers behind and Elastic Load Balancer.


MDG’s own Galaxy … wait a sec, that was too easy - do you secretly work for Galaxy’s marketing team? :slight_smile:


I could ask you the same thing, :wink:

I was looking for a more custom solution. I’m a SysAdmin by day, so I like to have full control over every aspect of my environment.


I run them on AWS servers, 2 instances per thread. HAProxy load balancing between all instances. Simply run them with forever or PM2. All share the same Mongo DB (on the same server). Holds up fine with moderate traffic (mid 3 figure active users).


Working on something like mup but for docker swarm… Anyone interested?