How do you to add collection items as routes in Meteor?

Hey guys,

I’m struggling a bit my Meteor projects routes, I’ve written a question on stackoverflow and would appreciate some help on it either here or there.

Here’s the link to my SO question:

As I understand it, you were using #, but then changed it to &, and it is still not working.

Here’s thing: @ does not mean anything special for URLs, but both # and & do. Which means you can use @ as part of parameters. But not # or &.

The # character starts a hash, an anchor. And the & separates the GET parameters. You should not use either to send a parameter. I’m sure Meteor base code gets confused by # and & when you use them like that. Try ! instead of # and &, it should work normally.

I’ve replaced & with $ (which I have done), it still doesn’t work…