How does meteor accomplish this? "When the user visits the link in this email, the callback registered with Accounts.onEnrollmentLink will be called."

How does meteor do this out of the box? I would have thought you’d need to set this up using your SMTP (mandrill hooks, etc)

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meaning? he will get the enrollment link only when he open the link sent on his email?

It uses the email package, which requires setup before being able to send the messages. If not set up, then it outputs the messages to the console.

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I guess I’m wondering how meteor knows if somebody opened the email. Are they embedding something in the enrollment email that isn’t in an email I can send with Email.send(config)?

I’m wondering where in the code this is happening, and if there is a simpler way for me to track opens than to use mandrill API.

Basically when the AccountsClient class constructor is called, it in turn calls a function that looks at the url and matches it to a list of predefined hash routes. It then parses the url to get the token info and calls the appropriate callbacks. You can find the code that does this at

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Thanks a ton. Exactly what I was looking for.

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