How does meteor knows what js file run first?

I’m having issues trying to understand the flow of meteor and why, for example, in the folder server I have

how does meteor knows what to call first? If I change the file name publications.js it still works, why?

Meteor guide to the rescue!

Basically all files outside of imports/ are automatically loaded.

Thank you sashko for the quick reply, in the context of flow-router, how does this happens using this as example:

I’m going thru kadira’s flow router docs but no info on it.

I’m not sure how this is related to Flow Router at all. The router has exactly 0 impact on when code is executed.

In says the nav.html template is loaded first, then main.html, but in the flow-router example how does this compares?

That list is just an example of how the rules listed might apply:

  1. HTML template files are always loaded before everything else
  1. Files beginning with main. are loaded last
  2. Files inside any lib/ directory are loaded next
  3. Files with deeper paths are loaded next
  4. Files are then loaded in alphabetical order of the entire path

Thank you sashko! didn’t get the meaning of it the first and 2nd time

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