How does meteor test-packages decide which package versions to use

This is an odd question I know - we’re starting to add package specific tests to our packages (we maintain a lot of local packages, and up until now we’ve tested them as part of our apps, rather than standalone).

We’re finding that for some packages, we’re getting a 5 year old version, unless we explicitly ask for a newer one - only when running meteor test-packages, not when running the app regularly

Our main app’s .meteor/versions has templating-compiler@1.4.1 - we have a fairly deep dependency tree, a combination of local packages and regular - many of which also depend on templiating-compiler, most of these are totally unrestricted, but some of them are @1.0.0. For some reason, we’re getting 1.2.15 which is 5 years old.

We tried adding api.versionsFrom("2.5") to the package under test, but this did nothing - in the end we had to pin templating-compiler to 1.4.1 in one of the packages that depended on it - but this feels like a very odd solution