How does ".meteorignore" file work?

Recently, meteor added the support of .meteorignore files. I am trying to understand how these works.

I want to ignore a npm module to be considered by the meteor builder in a meteor package. So I have created a .meteorignore file on the package and written:


But I can see eslint copied within the .meteor/local/isopacks folder of such package and available on the app to be imported. If I just write node_modules, it ignores all dependencies as expected. But, are we able to ignore specifically some folders or files?

I’m curious too. I just read about it; but it’s not clear if it’s only the auto importer or if it also affects import statements.

If it doesn’t affect import statements, then the imports directory will be obsolete :slight_smile:

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We tried to get some help from MDG on this but didn’t manage to get a reply. Did anyone file a bug on this?