How does the Meteor use disk resources?



  • I use lastest Ubuntu x64
  • I run Meteor with it’s bundled MongoDB
  • I have only few atmosphere addons installed
  • My application is about 250-300mb and I have 2 development and 2 production copies on my server, and just max two of them running at once

My concern:
Today realized that my server’s disk (30GB) is about to be full. I have played with Meteor about 5 months. My last snapshot 7 months ago was only 2,5GB. Today my snapshot took 29GB. During the last 7 months I’ve been working mostly onMeteor.

I wonder could there be a link between these two things or is my OS just corrupted some how.


Old builds can cause this. Take a look and see how big the .meteor folder inside your projects is. If that’s what’s taking up so much space, delete the local folder within and rerun meteor. It’ll take slightly longer because it has to rebuild, but should clean up a lot of space.


This is damn weird

  1. I destroyed my server and pushed in a fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04 x64
  2. I copied my meteor application folder to my server over the SSH with rsync (meteor folder < 500mb)
  3. Went to folder and launched my application with nohup meteor --production &

After 15minutes I went to check my disk propertities and found out that 50% of my disk 30GB was used. What is happening?

I wonder what is this 98packages


Does not this remove my database, CFS stored images etc. as well?


Oh I thought we were talking about a development machine, not on a deployed server?

Either way, might be best to manually check what folder is taking up all the space. Could be some package that’s the culprit.


Here is some talk