How easy is to hook up graphql instead of mongo?

please point me to the documentation or some link.

Take a look at Apollo, also from the amazing teams at MDG :heart_eyes: -, and here: DevDocs support for Apollo Client and Server offline docs

any video tutorial for this, ? lol - i wanna build a react-native app. Should i skip learning meteor ? what do you recommend ? dont be politically correct.

man i’m very confused. theres feathers, Appollo, Next.js, … which one to pick, all i need is productivity / ease of development. to build fast ( I dont care too much of performance as long as theres node /express/ connect being used in that )

Apollo helps you better integrate GraphQL into your React or RN app. Watch this Transmission video to learn how and why you should use Apollo. And Apollo has first-class support for React Native. FeatherJS can also be integrated into RN if you know how to. NextJS makes creating and rendering server-side react apps a breeze, not for React Native, at least no official support yet.

I appreciate it, but i’d like to play with my backend DB/ data myself, dont want to be paying/ trusing with third party.

what do you mean by ?
NextJS makes creating and rendering server-side react apps a breeze, not for React Native

I think i can use the Next js as backend for my React native - right ?

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hey thanks for the Crater video on youtube.

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NextJS cares more about rendering react components universally, and allows you to bring in your own data layer in a cool way. NextJS is not a backend solution like FeatherJS or Meteor mongo realtime solution or Apollo. Just use what’s fit for your own use cases - that’s what dev tools are used for right!?

Medium post “Connecting React Native and Meteor” @spencer_carli

You could check out VulcanJS, it sounds like it would meet your needs? It’s built on top of Meteor, Mongo, and GraphQL.


Oh, I missed VulcanJS. Thanks!