How fast does take to recache

Hi guise,

I’m representing (Singapore) and I’m wondering how long does typically take to recache / cache pages. (Using galaxy as my hosting service)

I’ve recently added a feature where I’ll render wordpress content on our main site via the Wordpress API. And that set me about learning SEO with meteor. Followed this tutorial and found it very good (using the mdg:seo package)

Something which bothers me now is the speed at which recaches. I understand if you’re a direct customer of you should be able to check the cache status from their site. However since i’m paying for galaxy’s hosting services, perhaps the galaxy portal could give a status for given URLs (just a suggestion)

i feel like I’m being held by the balls:

The prerendering service offered by Galaxy is designed to provide a shared service across all apps in Galaxy, with pre-determined caching policies and no need for per app management or administration through the service. There is no login available to users. We currently offer a guarantee of at most 4 days as the cache freshness policy.

Just a suggestion maybe a way I could tell galaxy to tell prerender to rerender my site faster than 4 days.

When will the asian (preferably south-east-asia) galaxy servers be ready?

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@sashko can you chime in?’s hosted service lets you set how fresh the caches should be. But it comes at a price. Galaxy is a compelling choice here, but sometimes 4 days is just not fresh enough. Is cache freshness something that can be set on Galaxy?

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I am not sure - that’s a question for Galaxy support - I’ll post it in our slack and maybe someone has an answer!

It says in the Galaxy SEO docs here:

If you need to trigger your recaches for specific pages, or need to recache more frequently, we recommend that you set up your own service.

The service that’s part of galaxy is provided as a convenience but you should sign up for your own prerender account if you need more control or features.

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I’ll second the OP’s request.

I’m getting setup on production with Meteor Galaxy and have NO IDEA what the status is. I’m trying to setup OpenGraph Meta Data and once the page is cached, it’s cached.

Now I don’t know what’s going on. I suppose I can sign up for free account, do dev work, then go back to Galaxy…


We currently offer a guarantee of at most 4 days as the cache freshness policy. There is no login available to users.

Is Galaxy still at “at most 4 days” as the website says? That’s pretty slow honestly, but that also sounds like that is the worst case. How fast is it in the best case? And on average?

What happens when you add a new page? Does that page take “at most 4 days” to show up in the cache? Or is that just the recache?

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