How fast is Meteor (realtime drawing)

I know there are a lot of factors in the question, speed of internet connection, distance to servers etc, but how ‘fast’ is Meteors synchronisation and updating. I read that the first choice data transfer layer is Web Sockets, so am I to assume it is all about as fast as Web Sockets would allow?

My concept application is a real time collaborative line drawing tool. Trying to figure out if Meteor is the right tool.

As you mentioned, there are a lot of factors here. The piece you’ve missed is the server->server communication. One part of the issue is how fast the message from the client reaches the server (and conversely how quickly a message from the server reaches the other clients). The other side is how quickly your servers can notify all other relevant servers of the change.

If you’re only going to run a single server this is less important. However, if you have multiple servers it becomes important. I’d argue that Meteor is well positioned for this type of work, though probably not in it’s default configuration. I’d recommend using something like redis-oplog’s vent to push the changes directly to redis and all servers that care about a specific “sessions” changes can subscribe to those changes.

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