How get only unique values from a mongoDB

I’m using tabular for showing the following data (I get this from the console):

But instead of getting unique values for networkID like [myNetwork1, myNetwork2] I’m getting [myNetwork1, myNetwork2, myNetwork1]

How can I sort it so I only get unique values?

{ "networkID": "myNetwork1", "pointID": "point001", "param": "param1" } { "networkID": "myNetwork2", "pointID": "point002", "param": "param2" } { "networkID": "myNetwork1", "pointID": "point003", "param": "param3" }

Well, I dont know if tabular have something specific.
If I need just uniq values I run “distinct” command on raw collection.
Or on client side, using underscore, there is uniq filter.

Hi, Thanks for your answer. I was trying to do that on the client but It didn’t work. Do you have an example please? I’m trying to do this for a collection of 70.000 entities, do you think it would work propertly?

Did u find a soluton?