How get this of parent in template list?

I have like this

    {{#each items}}
        <div class="row">
            <div class="col-sm-4">{{> afQuickField name=indexNmae value=name readonly="true" label=false}}</div>
            <div class="col-sm-2">{{> afQuickField name=indexQty value=qty class="qty" label=false}}</div>
            <div class="col-sm-2">{{> afQuickField name=indexPrice value=price class="price" label=false}}</div>
            <div class="col-sm-3">{{> afQuickField name=indexAmount value=amount class="amount" readonly="true" label=false}}</div>
            <div class="col-sm-1">
                <button type="button" class="btn btn-danger removeItem">-</button>

    'keyup .qty': function (e, t) {
        console.log(this of parent) // not this of current

Pleas help me.

I think you want Template.parentData:

'keyup .qty': function (e, t) {
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For example

Name - Qty - Price - Amount
A        10     5 $
B         5     10$

When I change the qty of B, I want to get current data context

B - 5 - 10 $

please help me.