How good and stable is Meteoris boilderplate


We are using Meteoris boilerplate and plenty of packages to generate a huge application.
With almost very little knowledge of Meteor framework and meteoris. I am trying to find if using Meteoris is:

  • A good approach to start building a huge application
  • What kind of issues I could face while using it - performance wise or else
  • Lets say the app lands into problems, how easy or difficult is it to migrate to proper structure code.

Any help, insights, experience on this will be very helpful in making a decision.


When building a ‘huge’ application, one almost always starts out small and works themselves to large.

Why not just use the following for infrastructure to start?


Place the files where you need them within each directory.

Why use that when you could use the boilerplate from Differential?

If you are not aware, Differential is the company which puts out great podcasts, they are industry-leaders in this topic.