How hard would it be to run multiple isolated apps in one container?

I have a bunch of small apps with no traffic. I want to lump them together into one container to save the hosting cost, to deploy on Galaxy or AWS. Each of them would have its own root route. They’d also share the same Mongo db, with different prefixes. Is it doable in principle?

They are all mine, so don’t have to be exploit-proof, though that would certainly be nice in the generic case.

I can live with apps sharing global vars if I have to (I’d just modify the apps to pollute the global namespace less), but with the new 1.3 module support, that might not even be necessary, right?

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Did you ever figure this out?

Nope. ;-(

Maybe someone else has?

Meanwhile, goodbye Galaxy, hello AWS. Not going to host a dozen of low-traffic apps on Galaxy.

Have you been using AWS? Did you use MUP?

Have you seen the following?

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Indeed. Scalability goes both ways. MDG, do you guys want to capture the student population and lower the barrier to entry?

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Thanks for the update. Can you share it on a blog like Medium?

Thank you for sharing this. It is extremely helpful.