How I can change only mongodb to version 3.6 from 3.2 and workin in meteor 1.4


i am working on an application made in meteor 1.4 and mongodb 3.2 i need to work mongo version 3.4 or 3.6 minimum
how I can change only mongodb to that version and follow with meteor 1.4 someone can guide me with that first time i work with this framework


First of where do you want to change the MongoDB version?
If on your local development you will need to look into updating mongo and minimongo packages. Though I’m not sure if the needed versions are in the range of 1.4.
If on your deployment, you will need to look into your MongoDB hosting and upgrade there. Services like MongoDB Atlas have a quick and easy way to do this via the cluster settings.


The easiest way is to run MongoDB yourself and provide the MONGO_URL environment variable to Meteor.
Usually it’s something like:


In development mode, if Meteor detects a MONGO_URL it will use that instead of starting it’s own (older) version of Mongo