How i can multi domain app?

How i can multi domain app? i want send index.ololo.html i want send index.trololo.html

how can i do it?

i want create two folders in my root dir ololo and trololo and one folder is one domain, other folder is other domain. how i can do it with meteor?


folder app
folder admin

Do I need to create two meteor applications? Will they be able to reactive with one database? with redis???

Moreover: I do not want to use import and export. I want all the files in the folder to be AUTOMATICALLY glued together, like a feature declared by a meteor. But the files in the ololo folder stuck together in one page, and the files in the trololo folder in another.

Moreover. I want to have a shared folder that lies with them, for example widgets. There I would put React components that would also automatically be loaded into both applications on both domains: buttons, forms. How can i do this?

If the meteor is not a sufficiently functional framework and it is not capable of such, please tell me directly, I will accept it and just go to another framework and will not waste my time. I do not want to offend you.

Is it possible to do this on a meteor without dancing with a tambourine? Or is the meteor morally outdated, and not designed to flexibly configure routing and build systems, which can webpack?

You want a lot, with zero config. Best of luck finding it, because no - meteor can’t do this. It can do everything except the automatic bundling of files into both directories separately. If you want all the code in both apps, it can do that and if you’re willing to put an extra 5 minutes of effort into writing your code, it can then bundle the applications separately.

I wonder if that counts as morally outdated?


please quote the part where I wrote about the zero config? no, literally. do it please. send a quote.

I have written many packages for compiling code. but I never found the ability to customize the assembly as flexibly as webpack.

For example, how can I give one css file to the mobile browser, and another css file to the desktop? how can this be done with a meteor? the simplest and most commonplace everyday situation. and how will a meteor deal with it?

just have two css files, one I want to give when a person comes in from a mobile browser, and the other I want to give when from a computer. how to do it?

I think it was this that made me think ‘zero-config’ - I was responding on my phone, so had to paraphrase.

As I said previously - Meteor probably can’t do what you’re looking for, I’d love to look at some of these packages you’ve written for compiling code though? Seems like they may be a worthy addition.

In regards to your CSS question - It’s odd, but in 10 years of web and mobile development, I’ve never come across a situation where this is critical. Usually the pieces of CSS that relate specifically to mobile devices (or more generally to smaller device formats) are best addressed as CSS @media declarations, within the same file - particularly with tools like LESS. The convenience of having all the CSS for a single component/feature/page in the same location more than outweighs the few hundred bytes of additional network traffic.

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I mean without imports, just create file, and he gets into the build, as it is arranged in a regular meteor or webpack.

Regarding your question about CSS, this is strange, but for 10 years of web and mobile development, I have never encountered a situation where this is critical.

I cited this as an example, as the complete lack of flexibility of the meteor assembly system. That it’s not even possible to choose which files will go to the mobile version of the site, and which ones to the desktop. I’m silent about the lack of loaders as in a webpack.

I’m making an admin panel, and there is a “twist the likes” button, and if this code gets into the regular version of the site, despite the fact that it will not be displayed in the interface, users will be able to see that code is present at the administrator and they’ll be angry that he can twist voices. How can I make one version of a site be given to one domain and another to another? Tell me please. We have already started a project on a meteor, and now it’s too late to refuse. We will not do the next project on it. And now you need to somehow get out (

If you want an admin panel quickly, check out Meteor Candy.
I saw three versions of administrations with Meteor. First is the admin panel like Meteor Candy.
Second is build into the app, in this case proper roles assignment and then especially checking all calls to server for the proper credentials is crucial. Having admin as dynamic import only for authorized users helps as well (reduce bundle size & security).
Last was admin in its own app. Shared UI elements and collections are placed into private packages to make sharing components easier and keep schemas up-to-date.


If you need to go that route, then the answer is yes. One of my projects I work on is 4 Meteor apps with one database, one Redis. Reactive with no problems.
Another project is 1 Meteor app and 4 node apps, one database, one Redis, again no problem.

Depends on your structure. The most common approach is local private packages as mentioned above. Another idea I have would be to have a shared folder that could be symlinked into the imports directory of each app.


wow, local packages. I did not think about it =) the idea is cool! cool you came up with)! thanks for the thought. you really are a professional in meteor, thank you very much for helping