How is the Todos Blaze app rendering ssr?


I happen to notice that when I deployed the blaze version of the todos app from
it rendered in ssr.

Anyone know how they got this to work ?

Are you referring to the Blaze version of the Guide’s Todos app? If so it doesn’t support SSR. Can you provide a few more details explaining what you’re seeing?

Yes I’m referring to that version.

I have not deployed on Galaxy yet, but iirc, Galaxy includes an easy way to add SSR. So it could be that if you deployed to Galaxy it’s being handled that way?

Galaxy does provide an easy way to leverage SSR using, but by default the todos app isn’t setup to use it. The mdg:seo package has to be added which the default todos app isn’t referencing. @rwatts - let us know why you think it looks like todos is leveraging SSR, and we’ll chime back in with more details.

Well I fetched the todos app deployed on my own server and the app actually
renders partially gave me the impression it was ssr.