How long are your reload times?

I am really curious on how long other peoples apps are taking to load from hitting save until the change is displayed on screen?

Perhaps with enough data we can help pinpoint where the issue is as some people don’t seem to have this issue.

  • Load time
  • Meteor version
  • Approx number of files
  • Any build plugins (like browserify, sass, etc…)
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On a 2012 retina MBP (i7)


  • 11.5 seconds
  • v1.2 (1.1 was the same time)
  • ~ 100 files
  • Browserify (latest), Sass

app 2

  • 18 seconds
  • v1.1 (1.2 was 1 sec more)
  • ~ 200 - 300 files
  • Browserify (latest), Sass

app 2 on Webpack

  • 1.4 seconds
  • v1.1
  • ~ 200 - 300 files
  • Sass (in Meteor)

About the same for a small app on a beefed up machine.

~11 secs
~170 files

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OS: Linux Mint in VirtualBox on Windows 10
Time: ~11 seconds
Meteor Version: v1.2.0.1
File Count: ~180 files
Build Plugins: SASS

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Machine: rMBP, Late 2013
Processor: Quad core 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
RAM: 16Gb
OS: OS X 10.10.5
Meteor: 1.2.1
App Details: SASS, Browserify (latest), React, Redux
Files: ~ 360 (inc. SCSS file for each component)
Time: ~ 8 seconds

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@timfletcher Did you happen to notice a dip in build time when first using Browserify? I think I noticed the biggest jump when I installed Redux and Alt (while migrating to Redux).

I noticed a big dip in build time after upgrading to browserify >0.8.

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IIRC when I was using the 1.2RC and moving things to React (without Redux back then) it was significantly slower and was really causing development speed issues then shortly after 1.2 was officially released there was a new release of Browserify (can’t remember the version, could well be as @energistic says) which sped things up quite a bit.

My Redux migration was after that and I don’t recall any significant changes in speed. I don’t monitor is closely though. All I know is it’s still too slow for me. Migration to webpack is something I really need to do.

For reference:

My initial build time is around ~12s but rebuild is ~2s with webpack:webpack

OS: OSx El Capitan
Time: ~17 seconds
Meteor Version: v1.2.0.1
File Count: ~50 files
Build Plugins: LESS

In a fresh project, with only 10 files, the build time is approx. 12 seconds…

P.S. Both of the times mentioned, are rebuid times. Initial builds are even slower.

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As a baseline I tried creating a new project with no packages, and added 50 js files that had console.log in them.

  • 2.3ghz i7 2012 rMBP
  • 4.38 seconds
  • v1.2
  • 53 files
  • No packages
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Yes without a baseline project, what’s the point of making these comparisons? Some people share OS version but not whether they are on 5400 RPM drive or SSD.

How about forking a large project like so everyone is compiling the same thing?

Otherwise some of you might be compiling a project with 10 lines of CSS and three packages, while others are running a project with several thousand lines of CSS and several dozen packages, etc.


More useful: can anyone share the difference in speed when compiling the same project on different machines? i.e. iMac with SSD vs no-SSD

We are thinking to upgrade our iMacs to Apple Mac Pro with the hope of reducing our build time.

Seems Apples has a very liberal return policy during the holidays, so if we get around to buying one I’ll report our results here.

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Yea having a baseline project would prob. help too. I was most interested in the overall time people had to wait for a reload. In general it’s way too high. Some of compile languages reload faster :confused: (with the exception of iOS, that’s a slog).

My SSD benchmarks around 400-500 Mbps (the new ones are much faster) and the ‘fairly empty’ project above with 1line of code and 53 files was ~4 seconds.

This was mostly sparked by my surprise to see that the new ES6 modules didn’t utilize Webpack… but perhaps the new imports will help speed up reloads (haven’t heard back from the PR comment yet).

At least it’s fairly easy to use as a 3rd party add-on. I have one more app that I need to convert yet but am waiting for more test coverage first.

cloned wekan, ran meteor update, updated layouts.jade to: img(src="{{pathFor '/wekan-logo.png'}}" alt="WekanX")

~20 secs

~45 secs

Having experienced hot reload changing the page almost instantly makes those 20/45 secs even more painful.

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Can you describe how you are measuring the time? Would be good to ensure we are measuring i the same way

Put a digital clock on the side, add an X to the file, when the secs turn back to 0 I click the save button, then wait for the page to start and finish reloading .

It’s good enough for a ballpark number.

should we standardize on a browser too? Chrome 46?