How long will it take to uninstall Meteor from Windows?

I have a nasty stack error and trying to uninstall and re-install Meteor on my machine. Only problem is that I’ve been uninstalling/running the uninstaller for the last 3 hours and the Meteor uninstaller has not moved past the 1/4 mark since then.

How long will it take to completely uninstall? I haven’t touched the installer for almost 3 years.

Uhh like a few seconds? 2 minutes tops?

Yes It takes only few minutes to uninstall Meteor from windows

It depends, if you have installed it years ago and updated it constantly it has to delete a ton of folders (meteor creates one folder for each versions if I remember correctly) and it may takes some minutes.
3 hours seems a bit too much.

Long. I had Meteor installed on a machine for 2 years, it took like half an hour (I think). Could have been longer…

I wonder, how long does it take to uninstall Windows from Meteor.

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I would look at your disk drive system. I suspect you are using a hard drive, instead of a Solid-State-Drive (SSD). Windows is almost unusable anymore on a real hard-drive. A simple Meteor installation, with no updates, is around 107,000 files. Also, write-caching can be a big factor when updating the directory.

Took me about 3 hours to uninstall Meteor. I had hundreds of thousands of files over the years that accumulated. It was a horrible experience. Windows sucks for web development.

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I just did an uninstall and it took me around 7h!

I was about to give up on multiple occasions, but was too busy with a few other tasks, so left it in the background.

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It takes a long damn time if you’ve had Meteor installed for a while. Also you probably should try removing AppData\.meteor as well, but that might be so huge that Windows physically can’t delete it because the path is too long. You can force delete it with something like 7zip or similar.