How many developers really works on Meteor?

There are a lot of buzz in forums that MDG with their millions don’t do this, do not do that… And people from MDG says that they don’t have resources to work on all wanted features.

So, how many MDG developers really works on Meteor?

I made simple research (GitHub commits for last year) and I have to say, that not more than 7!

Let’s look for top 10 committers for last year. @slava is not anymore with MDG and @mitar is not paid community member. ekate was active in the beginning of 2015 but for now she is working on something else, but not Meteor. anubhavg is not on /people list and was active for summer time (internship?).
From other hand @Urigo is not in the list but we know he is actively working on meteor-angular, so we have 7.

How many people do work in MDG? From I can count 29. Hmm, @slava is still there, so I’m not sure if this list isn’t something similar as trello roadmap ( :smile:

This 29 employees in the list and millions in press release posts can give feeling, that there should be huge team working on Meteor coding but in reality it’s just 7 people! What others do? Galaxy, marketing, promotion and community events, company administration and team management, galaxy clients support, making investors happy (which also requires time) etc …

What happened from November?

Galaxy was released in the beginning of October and many community members was waiting that there will be more activity in Meteor development (e.g. finally migrate into newer node or fixes for Blaze), but from Github stats we can see that something opposite is happening.

Active branches and repositories and main coders there:

So, still 7 people! @martijnwalraven, @benjamn, @avital, @dgreensp, @sashko, @tmeasday and @Urigo

Additionally @evanyou is actively working on vue! Is Vue.js becoming somehow related to MDG or it’s just free time project? :confused:

What is real Meteor roadmap?

Probably nobody knows (even guys for MDG), but for now I see:

  • ES6 imports (with v1.3)
  • Built-in Meteor testing (finally! with v1.3)
  • Cordova improvements
  • Angular
  • Meteor guide
  • Faster rebuild and a few other smaller fixtures

I’m not sure “built-in” testing is on the roadmap for 1.3.
With 1.3 you will be able to use “regular” npm/node testing tools in your application, that’s all.
Unless i’m wrong.

On the “who is doing what ?” front, i think they already said most of the work in 2015 was dedicated to Galaxy.

I just mentioned work for last month or so and Galaxy was released in the beginning of October.
Yes, now we see, that they still are working on Galaxy and I don’t think that it will change, they even will need more people for Galaxy!

Sashko says that it will be there.


Thank you, nice to hear that.

Sweet! Having built in testing mechanisms will be great. I’ll keep my eyes open on

As far as the roadmap goes, this is a pretty good list of the features we’re working on for Meteor 1.3. You’re missing a few people, and what you’re also missing are some of the more forward looking projects people are engaged in. In general though, I find that people overestimate our engineering capacity, somehow expecting a much bigger team.

About half of the engineering team works on Meteor, and the other half works on Galaxy. This hasn’t changed that much, although people do shift around. Even though Galaxy has been released, that doesn’t mean it requires less attention or work on it has slowed down.


@martijnwalraven could you mention that forward looking projects?

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