How meteor handle callback url?

Hello everyone, I like to know how callback URL works. for ex. google login callback url is _oauth/google?close . I am using react router. I havent give this url in react router. still this works. I also checked meteor account package for this which has function to handle google auth login. but how does this works? i need to use callback url for a video upload service ( dacast). I need to provide callback url once the the video is processed by service. how do i handle this?
Thank you in advance.

This may help

Thank you for your response. I used webapp connect handlers for callback url(/video/:token) in server main.js. Since I am using React router, I created a route with same url and tried SSR from component. I dont feel like i am doing right way. I dont need react component or SSR as callback url will not return anything. Also i have user authentication in react router.

Can you please help me further?

I don’t really understand your requirement.
As my understanding, your user uses other service/website to upload video and on video uploaded completely, you send user to a web page?

User will upload to video on demand third party service. i have to send callback url along with file. This service will process the video and once completed, the service will use callback url with file id and other publishing setting as response. i have to store these info in DB.
Here I dont want to use react router as this is background process. Tried wepapp but still urls are controlled by react. Can you help me?

webapp will work. URL are not controlled by react. I’m very sure about this.

React Router is a client side router. Meteor’s webapp exposes connect’s server side router. The best way to think about SSR with React Router is that it is still a client side router, but gets prerendered on the server - after the server side router (connect) does it’s business.

So the router stack would go webapp/connet -> react-router SSR -> react-router client side.

In your case, you need to create a server side route using webapp/connect.


I understood server side routers. Thank you for the reply.

I used picker library. It works great. Thank you for replying me.

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