How much longer until web development jobs disappear to things like dropsource and appy?

With react, reusability is taken even further, making 75% of apps able to be built with something like dropsource (or a competitor)

Even some back-end work is heading to automation:

So we’ve had things like WIX and more in-depth CMSs like wordpress for a long time, and theres still plenty of developer jobs. However WIX and others have undoubtedly cut into developer jobs/earnings. How much longer until the new wave of CMSs and AI axe even more developer jobs?

What do you guys think? 3 years? 5 years?

I’m starting to try and move into PM roles (which I think won’t get hit as hard as the developers).

My thoughts are: if you are doing any of the same stuff on each project, that part is due for automation in the next 2-3 years; if you are doing anything through trial and error, that stuff is due for elimination within 3-5 years, and if you are doing anything which involves inventiveness and ingenuity, you probably have a decade of well-paid work still ahead.

I think both the tools and the activity fields will change but the overall workload won’t - at least for the developers who are working on more creative/complex things like writing algorithms for an app which works with different APIs or sensors. Things like big data analytics, internet of things, robotics will become way more important than writing data processing of HTML-forms and displaying information from a database (what’s a good, more engineer-like development in my opinion).