How much overhead is there for serverside only Meteor web services?


I’m potentially starting a project with the following web services and i’m wondering how much overhead I might pay for the convenience of using it’s DDP and fibers. The alternative would be to use straight Node but i’m anticipating a lot of callbacks :smiley: and also I would be able to build faster on the Meteor stack.

I don’t need any kind of clientside app, and real time updates are not critical (for the foreseeable future at least). Currently the apps are built using REST and perhaps in the future could consume DDP methods directly.

It would consist of a cluster with these micro(ish) service apps:

  • Rest API for legacy non DDP native iOS app (would call to model service below)
  • Model methods for DB calls (for native REST native apps to consume)
  • Scheduler to handle cron jobs and call other methods
  • push notifications
  • email sending

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!


Anyone? @arunoda have you happened to do any benchmarks on this?



Using DDP instead of http gives you speed improvements when sending messages. You need to use a connection pool when sending messages.

Fibers won’t add much overhead.


Thanks Arunoda! Much appreciated!