How pass parameter to helper using angular-meteor help me kindly

kindly help me how pass parameter to a helper in angular-meteor as i am passing “bundle” as a parameter but it is going to undeifine

      <tr  class="ng-scope" align="center"  ng-repeat="wordsList in addBundle.words(bundle)">
                <td  class="ng-binding ng-scope">{{wordsList.text.word}}</td>
                <td  class="ng-binding ng-scope">{{wordsList.text.synonyms}}</td>
                <td  class="ng-binding ng-scope">{{wordsList.text.meaning}}</td>
                <td  class="ng-binding ng-scope">{{wordsList.text.wordType}}</td>
                <td  class="ng-binding ng-scope">
                    <md-button class="edit btn btn-link btn-round" data-title="Edit item" type="button" ng-
                    <i  class="material-icons dp48" >open_in_new</i>
                    <md-button  class="btn delete-todo  btn-link btn-round" data-title="Delete item" ng-click=
                            "addBundle.removeWord(wordsList)" type="button">
                        <i  class="Laarge material-icons dp48">delete</i>

in js

                words: (bundle) => {
             console.log(bundle);               // bundle is coming undefine


bundle is coming undefine kindle help me how to pass parameter to a helper in angular from htm template of angular

I gave a more detailed answer here on SO: