How ready is Apollo?

My company uses Meteor with React and Redux. We have some complex queries to MongoDB and to ElasticSearch that I would love to simplify and GraphQL seems to have an answer for that.

Has anyone migrated a Meteor / React app to Apollo or GraphQL? Apollo says that the migration can be incremental but I haven’t found a whole lot of resources on this. So far, the best resource for Apollo is the Githunt example, but that is without Meteor.

Really curious to hear from the Meteor community on this, and what they’ve discovered. Could save us a ton of time :slight_smile:


It’s definitely ready for prime time. I’ve been using Apollo Client for about 4 months now and just started using Apollo Server (have been using GraphQL on the server side for almost a year now).

I would checkout their Meteor boilerplate repo as it has a working example (I tried using the docs a while ago and the npm install instructions were off a bit and lots of things conflicted).


I agree with @SkinnyGeek1010 - it’s ready! That being said, maybe keep an eye on this one … :slight_smile: