How ro run exiting meteor project in github


Hi all, I’m a beginner learn meteor. I often go to github to download source code. But I can’t run the project.
cd my_app
meteor npm install

But it download package in the long time and don’t successful. Please help me to fix it.

Thanks alot.


It will take some time the first time you run it to download and install all packages. It depends also on your internet connection, computer, etc.

So maybe you have to wait?


You’re probably encountering the problems reported in Geographical CDN issue causing install problem #6960. Two new issues were just opened up to try to put a partial fix in for this Add retrying to package downloader #7267 and Add retrying to installer #7266.

The number of reports on this are ramping up with all of the new release traffic we’ve had. I’m of the belief that they are working this at a higher priority now and that those last two issues will result in a “fix” soon. You’ll need the fix specified in #7267.

6960 may contain some workarounds I’m not aware of. Quite a long chain of messages there and I didn’t read them all.

Good luck!