How should I build a mobile app with Meteor? I'm confused about how it works. React Native not recommended?


I am looking to build a mobile app with Meteor backend.

From what I’ve read so far, Meteor works great with React, but not React Native?

Does this mean I am just supposed to build a “web app” with React and then run a few commands to magically transform it into a mobile app? Does this work well enough that I wouldn’t even need React Native?

Should I do that or figure out how to incorporate


I recommend to use React Native instead Meteor. Look at


It depends on how important it is to your app to have a “native-feeling” user experience. If it’s some enterprise thing or companion app, then it probably doesn’t matter. If your whole business is about people loving the mobile app, then React Native is often a better choice.


Thanks all. I was hesitant to use that react-native-boilerplate because I haven’t seen any tutorials or guides on using React Native with Meteor, but I was able to follow the official guide as well as just to get an overall understanding of Meteor with the React way. After some initial trouble with xcode, it’s almost as easy as just swapping out React components for React Native components. They’re really true to the “learn once, write anywhere” and Meteor makes the data aspect really smooth. Really awesome boilerplate! I’m well on my way.