How to access (CRUD) photos on iOS?


Need to access all albums. Been struggling with it for a while.


Actually, now that I think of it, just reading would be enough.


Depending on how much control you need over this, cordova-plugin-camera might be enough.


Not enough, because I need multiselect. Found that I can do

<input type="file" multiple>, that works amazingly and perhaps I’ll go this route; the only problem with that is, I can’t (to the best of my knowledge) preselect photos. I.e. if user selected 100 photos and then wants to unselect one, there is no way, except by showing those photos in app, which is kind of crude.

(If someone knows how to 1) preselect files in HTML input tag, or 2) access Photo app programmatically in ObjectiveC/Swift, please let me know!)

So it looks like I need to rewrite the whole stock Photos app, or at least its subset. I found drifty:cameraroll Cordova plugin, but it shows all photos and is ablums-agnostic. Does anyone know of an album-aware plugin?

Meanwhile, I am modifying drifty:cameraroll to work with the new iOS Photos framework, with smart albums and all. This is my first Objective C experience and is going kind of slow. Any suggestions on how to avoid this would be greatly appreciated.