How to access elements inside a collection?

I have a collection which is defined as follows:

                name: Meteor.user(),
                id: Meteor.userId,
                email: Meteor.user(),
                image: Meteor.user(),
                title: titleVar,
                body: bodyVar,
                description: describeit,
                date: new Date(),


Now, at some other point, I want to know the title of the post, by the loggedI user.

I have used Posts.find({id:Meteor.userId()}).fetch().title, but it returns undefined. Is there any other way?

When inserting the post, you need:

id: Meteor.userId(),


id: Meteor.userId,

(The missing parentheses mean the function isn’t called so the id value in the db will be undefined.)

Fetch returns an array, so you would have to say Posts.find({id:Meteor.userId()}).fetch()[0].title, which would fail if your find didn’t return anything. Also, it would only yield the title of the first post.

Another way would be Posts.findOne({id:Meteor.userId()}).title which would also fail if the user didn’t have a post.

I guess a complete solution (at least for rendering a list of posts by a single user) would be:


<template name="userPostsList">
    {{#each postsByCurrentUser}}


  postsByCurrentUser : function () {
    return Posts.find({id: Meteor.userId()});

For just getting an array of titles:

var userPostTitles = Posts.find({id: Meteor.userId()}).map(function (post) {
  return post.title;