How to access local files in cordova?

The issues is discussed in more detail here:

I am saving images in cordova and would like to access same via an <img tag, which results in the following error

Not allowed to load local resource: file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/FFEDAE34-F254-45B8-A1D0-71B63C270D39/Library/NoCloud/myphoto.jpeg

My question to the community is. What is the best approach/workaround to deal with that? Nathan published a demo showing an approach using a web server to serve up files written to the file system with the file transfer plugin:

However, I am not sure what the security implications of such an approach are? Are there alternatives or is this seen as a best practice approach for the time being?

Anyone? Isn’t that a standard use case in most mobile apps?

I am also looking for an answer to this question. I have similar use case and concerns.

Should this not be a standard use case to support ?

Also here. I need to access local files, I’m currently watching few pages with that specific issue, maybe someone will provide a decent solution

Read this tread:


@miriam7: Totally agree, this is a standard use case. Ran into the same problem.

Any updates on the subject?
I don’t understand why such a basic task is so hard to achieve. Now the only solution that might work is to base64 the images with the cordova File plugin, but it’s a no no when it comes to multiple big images.

Good news, local file access is supported in Meteor 1.3:

I’m facing the same problem in Meteor 1.3.2

And in Meteor

and in 1.4.3

Im trying WebAppLocalServer.localFileSystemUrl but nothing

Quite disappointing when you are looking into this again and you find yourself asking for a solution a while ago with no answer between

I had this problem last night and was redirected to this thread. Although the solution I found was incomplete. I was able to make it work after a lot of searching and trial and error.

Here is how I solved this:

  1. Install this plugin: cordova-plugin-filepath
  2. Here is how I use the plugin together with provided tool by Meteor
        if (imageLocalPath.startsWith('content://')) {
                filePath => {
                error => {}
        } else {