How to access scope in event handler for [] block?

I’m using the new {{#each .. in}} syntax to render a grid of projects. It looks like this:

{{#each projects}}
  <div class="project">
    <div class="meta">
    <div class="blocks">
      {{#each block in blocks}}
        <div class="{{block.label}}">

When clicking on a block in the grid, the app should navigate to a page specific for that block. The new each in syntax was ideal, because otherwise I had no way of getting to the project data (without breaking up the template). Now, I can get to the project via this, but how do I find out what the value of block was in the event handler? Without this, this syntax would be a lot less useful I think… Hope I’m missing something :smile:
  'click .blocks div': ->
    this # project Document object, yay!
    Template.scope( 'block' ) # block?

Is this a stupid question? I still haven’t figured it out :confused:

I would check


and see if there is block property or something like that

Thanks, I’ve tried that but it doesn’t work. That value is the same as this

than scope some part with {{#with block}} and target that part in Blaze.getData

or use normal #each and use {{…/something}} and Template.parentData() to get to parent

Right. Except that Template.parentData() doesn’t work when you stay inside the same template (I also thought it would, but it doesn’t).

try adding something like:

<div data-blockid={{block._id}} ...></div>

In the helper you can do a simple:

var blockId = $(event.originalTarget).data('blockid');

Hmm… That feels very ‘un-Meteoric’ to me…