How to add a Blaze template to meteor vue todo list app

I’m trying to add the easy:search blaze template to the example vue todo list app, but don’t know how to.
Can any one help on this?

You’ll likely have to add back blaze-html-templates

meteor add blaze-html-templates

Thank you.

Can I used both vue and blaze inside the same app after adding this package?

Yes, that’s a valid point. You likely will not be able to do so.

There is probably another solution. According to the Meteor Vue tutorial, you can do something like

<blaze-template template="blazeTemplateName" tag="span"></blaze-template>

You’ll need to add the vue-blaze integration package

meteor add vuejs:blaze-integration

I tried to use the integration package but don’t know how to insert blaze template definition and helpers. Do you know how to do it?

this step of the tutorial shows an example of adding a blaze template to a Vue application

This page doesn’t tell how to add blaze template definition and helpers.