How to add features in angular-meteor (using angular2) and to do lazy-loading in route configuration

I have just gone through tutorial of angular-meteor (socially) and angular 2 ( In the angular2 guide, they have mentioned how to create submodules (features) and then how it can be easily imported into the app.module.ts. But the issue here is that in meteor-app there is no such app.module.ts and instead they have app.main.ts and in it there is the bootstrap class which tells the entry point in the app. It takes only a component and providers. Please tell me how can we add submodules (features) in the angular-meteor.
I also want to know how to do lazy loading in route configuration as mention here ((

Unfortunately meteor doesn’t support lazy loading of modules yet? We hope it will be included in the future. I managed to solve this issue.
If you have something like this:

{ path: 'mypath', loadchildren: 'app/myapp/myapp.module#MyAppModule' }

You will have an error saying that System is not defined, or something like this.
You can use instead:

{ path: 'mypath', loadchildren: ()=> require('./myapp/myapp.module')['MyAppModule'] }

Give it a shot…

If you use meteor-client-bundler to package the Atmosphere packages you’re using in your Angular client application, you can then build it with Angular CLI, which does support lazy-loading modules.