How to add field in manifest.json in meteor

I want to configure one signal and in one signal documentation asked to add manifest.json in public folder with their content but content os not showing when I am accessing via https://mydomain name/manifest.json.
Content is google project number.

Suggest me to I someone did earlier.

Hello Himanshu…

I solved that by renaming file

<link rel="manifest" href="/manifiesto.json">

I hope I’ve helped

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One Signal is a tough bugger to configure.

The problem is meteor is overwriting the manifest.json.
Yes, It worked. Thanks a lot.
Since yesterday I was discussing this to one signal customer care.

Meteor uses the URL ‘/manifest.json’ - and it’s not exactly obvious when you try to add your own that it’ll get obliterated by Meteor’s built in version. However, this is not a bug or even unexpected behavior, as the file name for your PWA manifest (or any other) is completely arbitrary. It’s somewhat standard to call it manifest.json, but it’s not required.

For my projects I use ‘webapp-manifest.json’ and link it with <link rel="manifest" href="/webapp-manifest.json">

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Hi there,
Does someone find that OneSignal.registerForPushNotifications(); stopped working. Once you call this it will generate playerId but player id is not getting saved in onesignal application dashboard.

Did someone have seen this issue?