How to allow stripe.js payments for clients to receive money from THEIR clients?

Has anybody integrated something like this into their apps, and is it possible with stripe js?


Depending on your use case, you may want to check out Stripe Connect Accounts.

We currently use this in our app to allow our clients to charge their users. While the Stripe API is well documented and maintained, be ready for a sizable workload if you want to wire things up correctly with error handling, form submission, validation, etc.

You will definitely want to leverage the npm package; otherwise, you’ll spend half of your time writing boilerplate.

Things are pretty smooth sailing with the npm package, as all of your methods will come back as promises, meaning they are easy to resolve in async and chain as necessary.

Again, depending on your use case, it would probably be easier and quicker to use a service, but with Stripe, you can do just about anything you want, as long as you don’t mind maintaining your own side of the equation.

Great to hear, thanks! Will look into the Stripe Connect npm package and see if I can get it to work. From what I can see so far, seems like the right solution.