How to automatically scroll to top after page reload?


Hi There,

I’ve been stumbling upon something very basic.

How does the page automatically scroll to top after reload or clicking on a new route?

I’m using iron router

okgrow:router-autoscroll is not working in chrome as seen here:

I found this snippet in this forum but it’s not working, either:

Tracker.autorun(function () {
	var current = Router.current();
	Tracker.afterFlush(function () {
		// Scroll window to top, like a real page reload.
		window.scrollTo(0, 0);

		// If the menu is currently open, collapse it.
		if ($('.navbar').length > 0) {
			$('.navbar .navbar-toggle').click();

Any help highly appreciated


Looks like you’re using jQuery, in which case you can do:

$(elem).scrollTop( 0 );

where elem is a selector of the container you want to scroll to the top of. You should be able to call this in an autorun, onRendered, etc.