How to avoid version 1.4.x when doing meteor update?

I have given up on Meteor 1.4 (at least for now) since it has given me too much trouble, but staying at 1.3.5 is not that easy. It constantly ask me to update and even if I don’t, someone else in the team might accidentally do it.

Is there a way to lock a project to a certain version? Lock it to a certain version and still have a possibility to update the components in the project?

It is locked, it won’t auto update. That said: No you cannot prevent is from Meteor.

If you use git you can write a simple pre-commit hook which you share with your team. There you can write some code to prevent the update.

To update without updating the release you can just add the package name you want to update to meteor update. Also you can do meteor update --packages-only see the docs linked for more info.

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Thanks for the reply,
No, I know it will not auto update, but it will “auto nag about an update”. I guess that is unavoidable then so I look for another solution