How to benchmark a meteor app?


Hi there, I’m a #devops person maintaining a Meteor application:

Users have complained that they see performance slow downs. So I am wondering how to verify this, since from the ALB TargetResponseTime I see nothing untoward except for those people who are polling when the Web socket fails.

Is there some simple way for example to add User Time API?

Any other quick tips for me (not a very good JS developer) to get my head around the problem and make users happier?


Hi @hendry,
I suggest trying so you can monitor what’s happening on your Meteor app ?
Check also what’s happening on MongoDB (Meteor Performance Guide).
Learn about your user’s context : where do they use their mobile app (for example : which area compared to your hosting area, wifi access versus 3G/4G …), size of images …, you can add some app tracking information with Sentry.