How to BIND IP address for another computer user local project

I running my app on https://localhost:3000/. So how I can send address it for my friend can use. I can use BIND IP?
Please help to fix it,


The answer to this really depends on your local environment. For example:

  • Do you have a static or dynamic IP?
  • Are you behind a firewall or router?
  • Are you using DHCP, NAT, etc.?
  • Is your meteor app running on your native OS, or within a local VM (which also affects networking)?
  • etc…

You can find a million articles/posts online that show you how to allow external web access into your internal/local network, but if you’re new to this it can take some time/patience to get right (and there is of course always a security risk).

If you’re looking for an easier option, you might want to consider deploying a version of your app to Galaxy. You can deploy your app with one command, and you’ll only be charged when your container is running. You could just keep your app up for a bit, then when your friend is done testing, shut it down.

In Ruby on Rail somebody can use their IP, for example to build project for anyone can see it. So in meteor we can do it.

Anything you can do in Rails would work the same way in Meteor. So if you had some strategy that you already use, just try doing the same thing.

If this is what you’re asking. You specify the bind IP (AND PORT) thusly: