How to build a Audio Streaming Platform/App For the broadcasting business?

Hello, We are looking for the solution to start a audio streaming platform with on demand and live streaming possibilities and also supports on multiple devices. Is it possible to create a app with meteor? Suggest us some best audio platform provider in the market.


Of course it is possible to create such an app with Meteor, your main issue is going to be with the live streaming part which is not a simple thing as far as I know and will most likely require significant resources.

I would recommend looking at Cloudflare’s streaming solutions for developers.

I have a side-project that uses Cloudflare for their VOD services. (Cloudflare Stream).

Clubhouse uses Agora.

This is 100% possible with Meteor! We developed a training platform that uses static audio .mp3 files but utilizes pretty deep audio API functionality. For something like this I would recommend using either a headless CMS or perhaps AWS S3 Buckets to host the mp3’s and then a more robust audio API Howler:

If you are doing steaming you can still use the same audio API, but in the past, we have used the RadioMast service…its pretty darn nice:

Really honestly though…you can use Meteor to build darn near ANY application you can dream up! :slight_smile:

Hey @joycewatts96 can you please specify what you mean when referring to “streaming”? Do you want to host static files that user can “stream” (= chunkwise download / HTTP 206 responses) or do you want to live-broadcast a stream?

The first one is pretty straight forward to implement with Meteor and web standards, the second one though is a much different level.

Edit: sorry I misread the live part in your question. However as I already wrote, static file streaming can be implemented in a few days but live broadcast is not an easy ride.

This is on Hacker News today:

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