How to build an app in production mode for nginx

I run a server with a number of Meteor apps on nginx and Passenger. Changing from development mode to production mode was essential to get it running stable. But building and rolling out a new app is a task with more than one step, and so I created a shell script to automate this. Finally, I use this script to update an app by pushing into the local Git repository – the first step towards Continuous Integration.

Today, I extended the script to take care of the node version. One of my applications uses a package, which doesn’t work with a recent Meteor/node version, so I had to extend the script to retrieve the correct node version, depending on the used meteor version.

I took this extension as possibility to document the script and provide it to the public:

Feel free to use it in your own installation.


Thanks for sharing!

I’m moving a prototype into the cloud in the next couple of weeks so this will be useful

Which cloud provider will you take?

Currently everything’s on AWS, but I use Vultr for person projects and really like them.
DO are fantastic but no servers in Australia :frowning:

I’m also going to put the company’s websites into S3 buckets and use the hosting + cdn from there.
Are there other services that allow hosting out of cloud storage like S3?

So, you plan to use nginx+Passenger+Meteor on a Vultr instance – this is a little bit like our setup with a dedicated server running a virtual machine for these combination.

Good luck in setting up everything!

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Pretty much. Currently not using passenger, but will this time. Should simplify a lot