How to "bypass" importing style file (less, scss) during meteor test

I came from the git repo:

Brief explanation of the problem:
When running command meteor test for unit-test, there will be error like Error: Cannot find module '../*.less'. I indeed can import my style files with other way but still prefer a more “unit-test” style method.

My codes are like this:

import 'module.less'
export default <SomeComponent/>
import SomeComponent from 'module.js'
export default <App/>

and the test code is like:

import App from 'app.js'
//... test with component App ...

So the idea I had is to replace the imported module with style file imported(like module.js above).
I tried something like dependency stub/mock with proxyquire, or simply babel-plugin-rewire and neither of then works. It might because of the imported chain or the module system is not that simple, which i am still confused about.

Any suggestion for doing this or explanation of why it is undoable?