How To Call Django REST API in my meteor app?

I am just doing an exercise where I need to use meteor as a front end framework only. I am not able to fetch data in JSON from my Django REST API. How can I do that? So, I would be able to show my Django app’s data through meteor templates.
Everybody is saying to use HTTP.get but I’m not clear how to use it? I am very new to meteor and any help would be appreciated as I am trying to find this solution from past 2 days.


Here is the spec according to the documentation. I also happen to have an api call to the slack api just hanging around so you can look at this and see if it’s of any use.

HTTP.get("", {
            params: {
                token: accessToken,
                channel: channelId,
                text: text,
                username: username
        }, function(err, message) {
            if(err) {
            } else if(!{
            } else {
              // success!